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At IR Medical Centers, our licensed medical doctors utilize the most advanced regenerative biologics for joint rehabilitation, chronic injuries and pain.

Areas We Treat

  • Knee

  • Shoulder

  • Hip

  • Elbow

  • Soft Tissue

  • Ligaments and More

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IR Medical Centers for regenerative medicine is the ideal destination when conventional methods fail to alleviate your pain. If you want to avoid invasive surgery or have exhausted all other alternatives, our center is here to help.

Our approach to regenerative medicine involves identifying and addressing the root cause of your pain, instead of merely masking or managing your symptoms. By harnessing your body's natural renewal processes, we can provide effective relief and improved functionality without resorting to surgery.

We take the time to discuss and explore the natural regenerative treatment options that best suit your particular condition. While our therapies may not be suitable for everyone, we assist each patient in making informed decisions about their health.

Our regenerative treatments benefit individuals of all ages and lifestyles, including professional athletes, weekend warriors, and seniors who desire to remain active. We strive to enhance your quality of life by optimizing your body's natural ability to recover from the inside out. Choose IR Medical Centers for a pain-free future.


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